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August 16th, 2008

Cigarettes, beer and sex.
Some of the luxury, I thought I had to do without it.
(Why doesn't exist a nicer word for "verzichten"?)

But, let's tell you the other days, too.
(Oh my goodness I have the feeling now that my English was much more better yesterday at 10 p.m. than now at 8 a.m. o.O)

Wednesday: Movie Theater. With my teacher Cammie and my class friends. Mama Mia. My goodness I was laughing like a stupid chick, it was a totally funny parody. Muahaha.

Thursday: Starbucks with Melissa. We were talking about boys, parties, boys, parties. Did I mention we were talking about boys and parties? Rofl. And we were making perfect plans for next week. Be curious.

Friday: Best day ever. We went on the beach and were having a lot of fun. Word of the day: Prohibition. It isn't allowed to drink beer on the beach and that's the reason we had to make a fool of us by opening the bottles in the bag and putting it into glasses and hiding the glasses with napkins o.o But it was fun. You will see pics when I am back.

I had my Spanish guy. I get everything I desire. Haha.
When you are young, everything is permitted. Except of drinking beer on the American beach.
I am now Macy's: NEXT!
16.8.08 14:35

14.8.08 13:48

13.8.08 02:24

Auf Deutsch, weil es schoener ist.

Ich habe mir noch nie so sehr gewunscht wie jetzt, dass Julia da ist. Sie weiss warum. Es waere etwas ganz besonderes, diese Jugendsuende zusammen zu begehen. Ah...
13.8.08 02:20

Sam is no longer alone.

She is seventeen. She lives in Stuttgart.
And she is my new friend.

Guys, I was alone during lunch two weeks in a row. Moreover, I had no one to talk German. Today is a significant day. Because I met HER. She is probably the best thing which could happen to me. She is alone here, too, and she goes shopping alone, too. We decided to meet every day, every break and every lunch.

She is so cute.
13.8.08 00:15

Sam and the Spanish guys.

I want a Spanish guy!
And I am close to my goal.

Today is the first day that I am feeling ordinary at school. Since I have some guys now (I don't want to call them friends, because I will never meet them again and there is probably merely one person on the earth who deserve this title!) with who I feel comfortable. It is nice to come to school in the early morning and to know that there is someone waiting for you, giving you hugs and kisses and showing interest to your last day. Thanks god.

I want a Spanish guy and I am close to my goal.

Number two (Jordi) come to class and sit right next to me, number one (Jose) asked me to sit next to him (but he is gay, unfortunately) and number three (Julienne ?) talked to me during the break, and I thought he fucking hates me. Number two asked me to go out. I am the happiest person on earth, because I have the coolest new shows ever and I will have a Spanish guy.

And I really want one!
12.8.08 05:05

Be jealous, bitch.

New shoes. <3
12.8.08 01:36

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