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July, 25th 2008

Does anyone know how to write dates? ^-^
Does anyone know if the word date means Plural von Datum?

Friends or just people, I decided to write my American blog in English. Maybe this sounds weird, but you know, I am weird. And I am really trying to write without google, so feel free to correct my mistakes. I hope you understand me and I hope that my English will be better. I think in two weeks you won't understand me anymore.
[Let this blog called How to blog with only 20 English words. Haha.]

I'm just packing my suitcase. I am not aware that I'll travel to New York. To America! It seems like to be a dream. Or a plan. But not the truth. Damn, I have to understand that in 24 hours I will be on the other side of the ocean.


This is strange.

You can call me until 2 hours am/pm/wtf on my mobile phone cause I have to *google* change (I think google translated it wrong. Fuck google.) in Düsseldorf. If I like you, I call you on my own tomorrow. But I really don't like many people so don't was auch immer.

New York, Sam is coming soon (:
25.7.08 23:10

July, 28th 2008

Just one word: Error.

I don't have both English and German vocabulary to tell you how it looks like and how I am feeling.
If you maintain you know the word "noise", then you are a big liar. The noise level is unbelievable, I've never heard so much noise in my whole life. And I've never heard so many patrol cars.

My first impression is that it is quite normal. I mean, they've got the same boring airport tiles and the same gray asphalt. And it isn't as enormous big as everyone tells. The town is a brick palest (I have to check whether this material is really brick) and I adore the cars and the streets, especially the road signs. This is for human and not like our system. Well done, America!

I'm really totally impressed. It is hundred times more amazing that Ive ever excepted.

My family is nice and cute and I like them.

I feel very very very comfortable in New York. I like it to be here.

Holy shit, Sam is really impressed xD

And totally shocked.

I can't realize to be in America!
27.7.08 16:51

July, 30th

I am not dead.
I am just busy.

I will told you what happend during the next days.
30.7.08 14:14

Heute ist Weihnachten und Ostern.

Auf Deutsch, da man sowas schoenes nur auf Deutsch sagen kann:

In der fernen Heimat ist die Kneipenkultur zum Leben erwacht. WOW. Ich kann es nicht glauben. Habe gestern Nacht an die alten (Raucher-)Zeiten gedacht.

Wenn ich wieder zurueck bin, geht's gleich zum Eimer!
31.7.08 02:12


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