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August 7th, 2008

My daily schedule
I wake up at sevenish a.m.. I have to take a shower and get ready. I have breakfast, for the most part a bagel with cream cheese. Sometimes, I have to do my homework in the morning, but this only happens once in a blue moon because I am a summer school nerd. I leave the flat at 9.30 a.m.. Actually, I need to school only 10 minutes, but I can't start a day without visiting Dunkin' Donuts. As a rule, I drink coffee or a banana strawberry smoothie. My class starts at 10 a.m.. In the morning, I am in level 5 (level 8 is the highest one). Besides, I I visit level 6, but this is another class and it takes place in the afternoon.
During the break (1 p.m. - 2 p.m.), I normally go shopping. After school, I go home straightly. Sometimes less straight because I don't have a problem with going shopping twice a day. I am back at home around 4:30 p.m.. First of all, I check my e-mails, what can continue until 6 p.m.. Then it is high time to go over my school notes, to practice my English, to do my homework, to take care about my host brothers, to bake something and to tidy up. Typically, it is 9 a.m. then. Dinner time. After dinner I go out. New York is the city which never sleeps. I wish I could exist without sleeping. I go to bed around 1 a.m..
On the weekend, we go on trips.
This is my daily schedule.
Do you have more questions?
I don't think.

I love/like...
- New York (definitely)
- New York
- New York (okay, three times is enough)
- my host family
- American roads
- the food because I have never tasted something as delicious as American food
- the smell of the city
- black people calling my sister (it sounds cute)
- to back every day (banana bread, cookies, muffins)
- my class mates, and some of them especially
- my English teachers (very funny guys)
- THE BEST BEVERAGE OTE! (I will die without it in Stuttgart!)

I hate/dislike...
- the climate (I will write a bock about this issue xD)
--> KILL ACs!
- the fact my hair gets fucked up each single day (because of fact one)
- when I come home and a homeless sleeps before the door and I can't open it o.o
- the psychos, and there a lot of them, oh yeah
- to not have my friends (Annabell) with me
- inches, pounds, wtf?!

I get used to...
- speaking English
- the noise level
- the How-to-cross-a-street-without-dieing-game
- crowdy streets
- crazy people (the most New Yorkers are weird, oh yeah)
- the melting pot
- American keyboard

Prejudices I had
- All/Many Americans are fat. (False!)
- There aren't enough opportunities to stay in shape. (False!)
- McDo rules. (False! You can find more then 30 different fast food restaurants.)
- Americans are stupid. (False! There are merely practical-thinkers.)
- It's dangerous and I can't walk alone. (I don't know whether it's dangerous, but I walk alone.)

Places I have already seen
Manhattan in general, because I live here. / Times Square / Macy's (I don't like it.) / Brooklyn / Queens / AMNH / the beach, the ocean / an American movie theater / many American stores

I forget to tell you many important facts about my American life, I am sure. It doesn't matter, I will tell you later.

Have a good time, friends!
7.8.08 22:45

August 10th, 2008

Do you like it?
I love it, but America doesn't.
Shame on it!

Friday: Trip to IKEA with my lovely class. It was nice. We had fun.
Yesterday: Trip to Six Flags. It was much fun. I went on an exciting roller coaster called Superman. Check on you tube!

I bought a Superman bell Gedoehns, Superman shirt and Batman leopard bag. Sam goes to heroine. Harr.
10.8.08 17:31

I hope.

10.8.08 21:48

Nice pic.

I've never seen so many guy couples like in NY!
11.8.08 01:42

Be jealous, bitch.

New shoes. <3
12.8.08 01:36

Sam and the Spanish guys.

I want a Spanish guy!
And I am close to my goal.

Today is the first day that I am feeling ordinary at school. Since I have some guys now (I don't want to call them friends, because I will never meet them again and there is probably merely one person on the earth who deserve this title!) with who I feel comfortable. It is nice to come to school in the early morning and to know that there is someone waiting for you, giving you hugs and kisses and showing interest to your last day. Thanks god.

I want a Spanish guy and I am close to my goal.

Number two (Jordi) come to class and sit right next to me, number one (Jose) asked me to sit next to him (but he is gay, unfortunately) and number three (Julienne ?) talked to me during the break, and I thought he fucking hates me. Number two asked me to go out. I am the happiest person on earth, because I have the coolest new shows ever and I will have a Spanish guy.

And I really want one!
12.8.08 05:05

Sam is no longer alone.

She is seventeen. She lives in Stuttgart.
And she is my new friend.

Guys, I was alone during lunch two weeks in a row. Moreover, I had no one to talk German. Today is a significant day. Because I met HER. She is probably the best thing which could happen to me. She is alone here, too, and she goes shopping alone, too. We decided to meet every day, every break and every lunch.

She is so cute.
13.8.08 00:15

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