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Sam and the Spanish guys.

I want a Spanish guy!
And I am close to my goal.

Today is the first day that I am feeling ordinary at school. Since I have some guys now (I don't want to call them friends, because I will never meet them again and there is probably merely one person on the earth who deserve this title!) with who I feel comfortable. It is nice to come to school in the early morning and to know that there is someone waiting for you, giving you hugs and kisses and showing interest to your last day. Thanks god.

I want a Spanish guy and I am close to my goal.

Number two (Jordi) come to class and sit right next to me, number one (Jose) asked me to sit next to him (but he is gay, unfortunately) and number three (Julienne ?) talked to me during the break, and I thought he fucking hates me. Number two asked me to go out. I am the happiest person on earth, because I have the coolest new shows ever and I will have a Spanish guy.

And I really want one!
12.8.08 05:05

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Annikki / Website (14.8.08 00:06)
lol xD

*ich fahr nach ny und reiß tausend typen auf* ^^
weiter so und viel erfolg! (;

Sam (14.8.08 02:18)
Nicht tausend Typen, einen Spanier xD

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