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August 16th, 2008

Cigarettes, beer and sex.
Some of the luxury, I thought I had to do without it.
(Why doesn't exist a nicer word for "verzichten"?)

But, let's tell you the other days, too.
(Oh my goodness I have the feeling now that my English was much more better yesterday at 10 p.m. than now at 8 a.m. o.O)

Wednesday: Movie Theater. With my teacher Cammie and my class friends. Mama Mia. My goodness I was laughing like a stupid chick, it was a totally funny parody. Muahaha.

Thursday: Starbucks with Melissa. We were talking about boys, parties, boys, parties. Did I mention we were talking about boys and parties? Rofl. And we were making perfect plans for next week. Be curious.

Friday: Best day ever. We went on the beach and were having a lot of fun. Word of the day: Prohibition. It isn't allowed to drink beer on the beach and that's the reason we had to make a fool of us by opening the bottles in the bag and putting it into glasses and hiding the glasses with napkins o.o But it was fun. You will see pics when I am back.

I had my Spanish guy. I get everything I desire. Haha.
When you are young, everything is permitted. Except of drinking beer on the American beach.
I am now Macy's: NEXT!
16.8.08 14:35

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Sam (6.9.08 14:22)
Which idea? ^^

But thanks.

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