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Sam and the Spanish guys - End of the story.

Today is the first day I will see him again after our common Friday night/evening. He calls it ONS, I call it TMS xD
He thinks now that he is a kifi o.O (in English you probably call it kifu) Jerk. He is 24. Would you call it kifu? I am weird, 'cause I call Patrick a kifi and he is 18 and his girlfirend 16, or something like that xD
We were talking English all the time. Very unusual for me. And I bet for him. 'Cause he was trying to speak Spanish and I was doing this face -> o.O
However, I hope he won't try to give me a kiss. There are only two person in this crazy school who are allowed to do such gesture, and he is neither of them.
I have to act normally. Okay, this is too noticeable. I have to be as strange as I am every day. 'Cause I am big girl now and big girls don't giggle and get red after such - call it whatever.

This is the end of the story "Sam and the Spanish guy(s)".

It's time for a new fairy (I changed the f-word) tale!
18.8.08 13:28

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