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August 20th, 2008

This week is called "Melissa's and Sam' last common weak" or "Be crazy in New York". We wanna never forget our time in NY. The only sad fact is that we had merely 10 days together ^^

Monday: (it starts with something semicrazy) We bought Smoothies at Dunki'n Donuts, but we didn't drink them there, we went to a healthy fancy store/restaurant and relished it there.

Yesterday: OMG WTF BBQ! We went to the trashiest street on the world! 8th Street, St. Mark's Place. One Rock'n'Roll shop next to the other. I'll do a shopping tour there on Saturday. What we were really looking for was a tattoo and piercing saloon. We decided to do something really really really unforgettable. But... ID, please o.o Of course we aren't old enough. And we couldn't imagine that there are such serious about this! We missed school because of this, but finally we only found a piercing man who believed us being 18 and coming from Europe, so Melissa got her belly button piercing. I was holding her hand and it was very romantic, 'cause I tried to diverted her and talked about unusual stuff xD Although my dream wasn't realized, I was satisfied. And I was feeling good, because it was such a nice moment in life <3

Today's plan: Be curious! x)

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