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August 24th, 2008

My mood today: undefinable.
My mood during the last days: something between melancholy and delight.
You don't have to understand. You don't even have to imagine.

Today, I saw HER. The mother of exile. The huge lady that opens the gates for a new, better world. Is this really a better world? It doesn't matter, the only interesting thing is that you believe in this tale. This is the clue for being happy: Only the belief in being happy.

The last day I had same kind of, let's call it depression. Wednesday didn't go according to plan so I was fed up with almost everything around me, and Melissa's agreement only amplified this feeling. So I was not in a position to do anything, especially studying and writing mails to my lovely friends (cancel the s). I even forget to call my mum for days, we only telephone once a week. I am a horrible daughter. I call it being adult.

Now, I am not in a bad temper. Although I have many reasons to be in!

(Btw: Something I discovered now - I am a better English blogger than a German one! I can express myself without using that much stupid keyboard faces. I am proud of myself.)

I could write a novel now, about my last days. But I'll do a summary, 'cause I have to write some mails and doing my homework. This is the first day since I have been here that I am not a summer school nerd. I am not proud of myself.

Wednesday: ###
4 - 6 p.m.: Much fun. Honey Melissa, the Polish guy and me getting dunked. Sharing the toilet together. Whole Starbucks was laughing. Thought we are doing a threesome, I bet. It was definitely fun.
6 p.m.: Actually, we wanted to see Batman in 3D. Supposed a lot of fun, drunken, of course. BUT. ###. Sold out. Argh. M***f***. Spanish guy stood me/us up. He was fucking a Spanish bitch. He made me hate him. We went to a concert. This was the beginning of my depression.

Thursday: Wall Street with Melissa. We started to gossip about America and NY. This was the first time, I wanted to go back "home". Quickly. Because I was totally pissed. We joined a tour and we couldn't see the Stock Exchange Market from inside. Whose fault? It's the terrorist one! Hate them.

Friday: Going out with Melissa and the Polish guy. Times Square. It was our last common evening. They are in their countries now, unfortunately. New York at night is gorgeous <3

Of course, we went shopping those three days, but it was a disaster, I am really too whatever to find something.

Saturday: East Village. Love it <3 <3 <3 Sam alone. Crazy guide. Crazy quarter. Crazy punk shops. BUT I DIDN'T BUT ANYTHING! Can you believe? Nothing! I tried dozen of trousers and shoes, but none fit well. I was so upset, that I didn't even take pictures.

Today: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

I hate people talking shit about things they have no informations about. STOP IT!

Local time: Dinner time.
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