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August 31st, 2008. - Damn, it's already September 1st.

It's too late to blogging, but hello, it's Labor Day! Fortunately, I have no school today. I mean I like my school, but a free day is something very nice. I can watch movies 'til the dawn. And then I can deal with B&H. It's electronic, man! (I even get used to the American slang. "Slang".)

My last American weekend (*tissue*) was very very very nice. Friday, some "friends"/people and I went to the Battery Park (best place ever, I know it better than my host mother and the New Yorker Cammie xD), lay on the lawn and had a picnic. We discussed about politics. Btw I watched the Democratic Convention every night. After that, we said good-bye to HIM, the Spanish guy. I'll never see him again. Thank god. I was not even polite. Who cares? And then... tatatata... DARK NIGHT IMAX MOVIE THEATER! DAMN IT! Orgasm at the movies. Ey caramba.

Yesterday: (oh fucking this wasn't yesterday, today is Monday, but... argh forget it, I hate blogging around midnight, it's too confusing)
Visited THE BRONX.
Got a haircut in THE BRONX.
And ate some burek... in THE BRONX.
And bought a New Yorker cheese cake.... you are right baby, in THE BRONX.

My English sucks at 1 a.m. ^^

Yesterday, today, whatever - Sunday:
I convinced my host family to take a walk through the Central Park. We spent our whole day there. It was amazing! We arranged a picnic and took pictures. Love it or die.

No school, no school <3
1.9.08 06:58

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Annikki / Website (1.9.08 08:29)
jaaa, das ist DER TOLLE urlaub. ^^

kadoh hat noch bis 27. september offen. wir können ja mal zusammen in die stadt gehen und da vorbeilaufen bis dahin wenn du mal zeit und lust hast. (;


Annikki / Website (1.9.08 08:31)

bestes! ist doch echt wayne ob s vom letzten jahr ist, hauptsache stylish. (;

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